Start Building Your Wealth Today

Scale 2 Wealth

Scale2 Wealth is a customized, 12-week FAST TRACK training designed to launch your Wealth Building journey with Be Wealthy!   Daily training and support across multiple verticals will allow you to implement your action plan faster and achieve more.  

  • Real Estate Sales Business Management and Optimization
  • Investing and Wholesale Business Management
  • Personal Investment and Wealth Planning and Building
  • Operation Systems to Scale
  • Investment Opportunity Analysis and Execution 

Be Wealthy Mastermind

The Be Wealthy Mastermind iis an annual small group for business owners in the real estate industry  This intimate group participates in several 2-day meetings each year..   Unlike other Masterminds you may have experienced, the sole focus of this hyper-focused group is to create long-term wealth utilizing our unfair advantage of being in the real estate industry.

As our guest, you will be able to learn from Brett Tanner’s interactive teaching each day, as well as learn from the collaboration of the individual business owner’s over the two days.  The primary focus of business optimization leading to wealth creation and risk mitigation will be explored over these topics:

  • Economic Outlook and Individual Impact
  • Wealth Plan Creation and Execution
  • Personal and Business Protections
  • Tax Mitigation and Asset Management
  • Personal and Self Management
  • Increasing Business Efficiencies and Profitability through Effective Rituals
  • Establishing Your Personal Investment Philosophy