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Are you a real estate entrepreneur who spends their entire lives serving their clients and their business while neglecting your own wealth?  You have an unfair advantage to build wealth through real estate.  However, this asset can become your liability and can hold you back. At some point, you must make the decision for yourself and your family; The Decision to Be Wealthy.

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Wealth Training for Real Estate Agents

Building Wealth is extremely similar to building your business. Initially, entrepreneurial force and energy may help provide initial success. However, just like in building your business, the true scalable results live within a few key principles and disciplines.
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What We Focus On:

Real Estate Industry Professionals

Do you and your team help buyers and sellers with their residential real estate? Are you helping others create wealth through real estate investments? It is time to take your unfair advantage in the industry and BEWealthy.

Real Estate Investors

Are you in the daily race to find properties to wholesale, wholetail, fix and flip? What if we could teach you to create long-term wealth without changing your focus? Rather than creating opportunities for others, it's time to create opportunities for long term cashflow for you! Its time to BEWealthy.

Small Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Now that your business is generating income are you ready for it not to require your entire focus? Are you ready to optimize the efficiencies and scalability within the business, allowing you to start focusing on building your wealth. Let's increase your business income and translate it to wealth creation and BEWealthy.

How We Help:

We provide tactical training with specific implementation strategies. You BEWealthy.

Private Industry Specific Live Training Events

Our Membership includes live two-day events focused on tactical training, guiding you step by step through our 8 Pillars to BEWealthy:

Small Group Optimization Training

Like most entrepreneurs, many of our clients want the shortcut to BEWealthy faster! Our small group optimization training allows us to provide them the shortcut in various business and personal wealth strategies and implementation.

1-on-1 Training

We provide hyper-focused 1-on-1 training with our team to support you in your sprint to BEWealthy.


What They Say

I have been in coaching with Brett and BeWealthy for multiple years and the effect he continues to have is immense. The processes he has helped me implement have grown my business by making it more efficient and profitable. Brett does not just coach on ideas and systems, he has lived them and figured them out. The great thing about working with Brett is his ability to coach you as a person and make me a better owner, leader, but just as important as a husband and father. 

Grant Howard

I’ve been working with Brett Tanner and Be Wealthy for eight years.  When I started,  it was me selling a lot of homes with a licensed assistant as my only help. I was making good money but didn’t have a balanced life.  I knew I needed a change so I hired Brett. He helped me through the difficult building process of a real estate team.  I now have about 25 people who work on my team in four locations.  We’ve sold nearly 700 homes with $140M in volume within the past two years.  This is now all without me spending nearly the time in that business because of the structure we created. I now get to build wealth in other manners through different channels and also create opportunities within my team for them to start building wealth themselves and building businesses within our business. I’m honored to be a part of this coaching program and so grateful for the guidance it has given me and highly recommend any of his coaching platforms.

Scott Lander

Brett's knowledge and guidance have been instrumental to my growth and overall success.  While working with Be Wealthy, my real estate team has grown from $40 Million per year to $140 Million per year since I started coaching with him, I've added 4 ancillary business lines and grown my net worth by 1000% over the past 5 years.  One of the brightest minds and best coaches in the game - thanks for all you have done and continue to do for me and my family Brett!

Daniel Dixon

It was in 2019 I realized I needed to get my wealth plan in order. Since I was 18 I busted my "you know what" to max out my IRA every single year. I was 34 and had a whopping $134,000 to show for it with a Vanguard Retirement Fund. It was a joke. I also know the odds are against my family to “retire” on Vyral income alone. Any services business always feels like a house of cards…all you own is a system, brand, and a list. All intangibles.
In the industry, I know too many agents in their later years still grinding it out because they never took chips off the table along the way. I knew I needed to go ALL IN on what Brett teaches and own real assets.

I met with my wife and we both agreed we needed to buy as many single families we could. It’s the only asset where we could acquire assets below market value and utilize loans for leverage.

I had 15 rentals already in 2019. Lord knows how I saved up $20-30k every year after taxes since I was 20 years old and bought them off the MLS traditionally. In 2019 with increased market prices, that was now impossible. It was also terrifying with the suggested plan; the BRRRR strategy. Totally new to me. To spend basically thousands of dollars on mail and lead providers to find off-market deals, buy them out of state, and pay for it all by tossing it on a credit card with a bank line (or friends and family private/hard money), then to fix them up, rent them and refinance was not ideal. I studied everything Brett put out; I went to a mastermind and got my hands in some training. It was excellent. I sat down with my wife and said the time was now to be wealthy. If we put these homes on 20 year loans commercially they would be paid off before we turned 60. Brett, and many other mentors, taught me to think big. $14 million of real estate (roughly 120 rentals) would bring in $140k a month in rental income and we could expect to take out 60% of that as a distribution to live our lives when the mortgages are paid off. That would likely net us $84k a month, or $1 million a year in today's dollars when we hit retirement time. We put this wealth plan in place at the same time as running our business. We worked 7 days a week for 3 years from the moment we woke up until we slept with two young kids during a pandemic. We lost our minds. We both gained weight. Our marriage suffered. There were a lot of fights (but with love and respect). We thought about stopping every day. Contractors stole money. Deals fell through. We misjudged ARVs. Appraisals came in low. Everything went wrong all the time. We learned along the way. We brought on money partners to speed things up. We hired 30 people to just build wealth. We went all in. There is a whole book to write to tell you it all.

Today, with what Brett teaches, we surpassed that goal with $16 million ownership rights in our total portfolio. As long as we don’t majorly screw up (lots of insurance, good management, sound tax strategy, an estate plan, close mentors, etc) it’s likely our wealth plan will be there for us. My advice is to make the decision to be wealthy and do not take your eyes off your balance sheet. It will be one of the hardest things you do. Brett will make sure your eyes stay on the prize as we all work in our services businesses. Get the help. I recommend Brett’s mastermind to anyone looking to get their wealth plan done

Frank Klesitz CEO Vyral Marketing
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