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“Brett solves one of the largest problems in the real estate industry – the lack of real estate entrepreneurs creating meaningful wealth. If you are tired of spending your entire life serving clients and their business, while neglecting your own, you’ve come to the right place. Now is the time to use the unfair advantage as a real estate expert and begin building wealth. Don’t allow this asset to become a liability holding you back, instead make the decision for yourself and your family; The decision to Be Wealthy.”

Grow Your Wealth

No matter where you’re at on your journey to build wealth, Brett’s goal is to provide you with the playbook for achieving your dreams; build an investment business and establish capital, all while utilizing our exclusive tools and training resources that are custom to you.

Leave with:

  • 15 proven strategies to eliminate the number one expense in your business… your taxes.

  • Strategies to optimize revenue streams, grow investment cash flow, and explore techniques in tax mitigation, asset, personal, and self-management.

  • Access to an exclusive network of investors, business owners, and asset class experts, whether you are on your path to your first million or billion

The $50M Plan

An exclusive event to help build your up to $50m+  net worth roadmap. 

It’s time to break the cycle of being a real estate agent. Listing after listing, chasing the next commission check vs creating meaningful wealth to change your families trajectory. This event will provide you with the insight and skill you need to break free from the crowd and begin sourcing deals, purchasing property of your own, and scaling an investment business along the way. You will also learn how to leverage team members, create deals out of thin air using creative finance, and how to save on one of the largest small business expenses – tax. 


I have been in coaching with Brett and BeWealthy for multiple years and the effect he continues to have is immense. The processes he has helped me implement have grown my business by making it more efficient and profitable.

Brett does not just coach on ideas and systems, he has lived them and figured them out. The great thing about working with Brett is his ability to coach you as a person and make me a better owner, leader, but just as important as a husband and father.
Grant Howard
Brett's knowledge and guidance have been instrumental to my growth and overall success. While working with Be Wealthy, my real estate team has grown from $40 Million per year to $140 Million per year since I started coaching with him, I've added 4 ancillary business lines and grown my net worth by 1000% over the past 5 years. One of the brightest minds and best coaches in the game - thanks for all you have done and continue to do for me and my family Brett!
Daniel Dixon
It was in 2019 I realized I needed to get my wealth plan in order. Since I was 18 I busted my "you know what" to max out my IRA every single year. I was 34 and had a whopping $134,000 to show for it with a Vanguard Retirement Fund. It was a joke. I also know the odds are against my family to “retire” on Vyral income alone.

Today, with what Brett teaches, we surpassed that goal with $16 million ownership rights in our total portfolio. As long as we don’t majorly screw up (lots of insurance, good management, sound tax strategy, an estate plan, close mentors, etc) it’s likely our wealth plan will be there for us. My advice is to make the decision to be wealthy and do not take your eyes off your balance sheet. It will be one of the hardest things you do. Brett will make sure your eyes stay on the prize as we all work in our services businesses. Get the help. I recommend Brett’s mastermind to anyone looking to get their wealth plan done
Frank Klesitz
CEO Vyral Marketing
I’ve been working with Brett Tanner and Be Wealthy for eight years. When I started, it was me selling a lot of homes with a licensed assistant as my only help. I was making good money but didn’t have a balanced life. I knew I needed a change so I hired Brett.

He helped me through the difficult building process of a real estate team. I now have about 25 people who work on my team in four locations. We’ve sold nearly 700 homes with $140M in volume within the past two years. This is now all without me spending nearly the time in that business because of the structure we created. I now get to build wealth in other manners through different channels and also create opportunities within my team for them to start building wealth themselves and building businesses within our business.

I’m honored to be a part of this coaching program and so grateful for the guidance it has given me and highly recommend any of his coaching platforms.
Scott Lander


May Mastermind

May 8-9th, 2023

September Mastermind

September 28-29th, 2023

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